Our Will e​.​p.

by brothers hand mirror

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this is a dirty e.p. that consists of three originals and one cover, recorded at home from one four track into another, mastered and mixed by oscar key sung.



released April 6, 2012

Oscar Key Sung & HTMLflowers



all rights reserved


brothers hand mirror Melbourne, Australia

oscar key sung beats and html flowers raps.

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Track Name: Our Will
this is my humaness
an essay with badly ruled margins
lines waver and i save blame for
this chipped wooden ruler
always a study hall drooler
i don't wanna talk about my potential or my future
secret handshakes keep my world well spun
my iris bleached white by fire from staring at the sun
& telling this right is all that i want from my tongue

birds know roofs like we know fences
just another picket to slip on the way to ascension
robin trill stitched like doily frills
into the perforated sky where from tomorrow spills
where from tomorrow spills

so no more in mourn will i trace
the unrunt path of my upset orbit
diadem of snapped hb pencils anvils
the sinking bedroom floor
curtains parted on a coming harvest, sprouts of trust
risen through the smell of finished sparklers
& with the clarity of modern sonograms
i describe what lives behind my closed eyes
and try sing a thing honest before i die
it makes us happy, it's so simple

where from tomorrow spills
by helvetica font emboldened or peacock quills
our peak impressions distilled
led by light beams
our will
led by light beams
our will
Track Name: This Isn't Sleep
these are self help raps
looking for light like icarus,
the smell of burnt me
blunt heat, sweet need
an alphabet of scab on scab on
scabby knees
last nights dreams
still pooling in our pillows
vexed, obsessed, crosseyed and
cause i sing shrill
i live low
where the felled stars go
sheen from the beak of a crow
mudlark for the undrawn maps
and incants
for bringing sun - bursts back
and when traditional gravities
act lax
in a wildlings stance, i float
i float in a wildlings stance
in a wildling stance, i float
i float in a wilding stance

you can't wake us
this isn't sleep sleep

the ground don't trouble
our feet feet feet feet feet

won't expect, blood flushed breast
time do stretch, won't expect
touch my eyes, cloudless skies
day too bright, touch my eyes
unlit match, fires past
light won't last, unlit match
lantern snuffed, i stand up
i go forth, lantern snuffed
twilight set, lose my breath
remember me, remember me
twilight sets
remember me, remember me
twilight sets
Track Name: Waterfall Walker
waterfall walker
i am your bright young daughter

i recall peacock head bops
how you dance where the ocean and the sky both stop?
had me chirping out the cot
i remember how my baby heart stopped
& in repose i'd float with your liner notes
pillows wetted with my drool - your hopes
sable brick licked neath
the crease of your left eye
this was your balance
this was your bright blood

glitter spitter got a cavernous whisper
heard it like the words was specifically
writ for
so so so suddenly
made gone was your luminant breath
been took by plain death
i seen a rainbow yesterday
'believe in yourself" is what she had to say

waterfall walker
i am your bright young daughter