muddy now

by brothers hand mirror

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released November 7, 2012

rapping and feelings and cover art by HTMLflowers
muddy dirty nasty beats and recording, mixing, mastering by Oscar Key Sung



all rights reserved


brothers hand mirror Melbourne, Australia

oscar key sung beats and html flowers raps.

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Track Name: Brothers Hand Mirror - Bus Tickets
in gusts,
through hail wet clothes
we turn to what's close
'hind lines of hedges we doze
but by untamed day
time dilates and billows
drawing labyrinths round my worn down pose
plucked rose,
new first names are a natural freedom
and this is how a new life reels on
sun toll down like gongs

guess who the moonlight fell down on?
guess who the rain came down on?
guess who the winds whirled round on?
i'm through holding on

and so i wrote to tell you slow
of course i had nowhere to go
it was a bad night to leave on
but eat me dad you were wrong
you were wrong
ooh i been so unpredictable since
ooh we ain't needed to talk since
well guess i did what i did and you did what you did
sometimes you can't forgive

guess who the moonlight fell down on?
guess who the rain came down on?
guess who the winds whirled round on?
i'm through holding on

when the roof get gone
free lawns grow long
sun toll down like gongs

there's beds in the thickets
i got bus tickets
i got bus tickets
Track Name: Brothers Hand Mirror - Summon Me
if the dawn appears to you radical
and no birds bellies rise to color your horizons, (pigments gone)
if your skin seems something borrowed and ill fitted
and your bouquets wait in still life to do not but wither
if i am distant (otherside of the river)
and you are lost in the waters shimmer
i will skip from crocodiles to logs to lilypads
so i can hold your cheeks up in my hands

i will come
i will run
i will come
summon me

send word on a fraternal wind
i bear for you my shielding limbs
wear for you the light that dims
retreat into me watch how
i sing fangs on that which hunts you

summon me
beyond cloaked suns
summon me
beyond underwater lungs
summon me
beyond lost tongues
summon me
summon me

i will come
i will run
i will come
summon me

butterfly season will always return
Track Name: Brothers Hand Mirror - Friend Of Mine
i am well bled and wordless
when i try to recall my actions to their actual purpose
why does everybody here act so motherless?
why are we woven into this? why?

he was a friend of mine

re-runs of more long walks without you
recollections i can't sleep through
the people you introduced me too did not care if you were turned see through
it's true it's true it's true

he was a friend of mine

i faultered when i felt that i shoulda looked strong
the years cartwheel on
i am dizzy like a new born fawn
option insert frowny face emoticon
i left the neighborhood with a frown, a few grand, new phone number
i started a personal era of triumphant hungry summers
but still i wonder where rest dead thunders?

you - tangled brow, blooming pupils, sweaty palms
me - worship colors, want my mother, this is wrong
you - missing like milk cartons like ruined lives in rap songs
me - i'm gone me
Track Name: Brothers Hand Mirror - Bleeding Apparition
today hang before me like a bleeding apparition
not grinning
wasted from the past nights worth of innings
temporary fixers all gone
cause i been living like my fathers son
leaning on these tinctures
moss coloured sticky fingers
been a tired thinker
family full of drinkers

i'm frozen holding omens
opaque yester moments
cut me to the quaver in my throat
swirling smoke and endless moats
this is where my virtues float
face down
morning lags across the pond face

teeter round the weeks
what i still ain't learnt
marble chains round my waist
what i can't admit
pharmacutical taste
pharmacutical taste

i'm nodding out
Track Name: Brothers Hand Mirror - Muddy Now
ride east a little until you hit the middle
there is nobody that way going or that way coming
and there you won't have to talk with anybody ever again
but i dare you to stay

got distracted by the way the hair on the horses maine
under your sure knuckles flash spasms whips and frays
and this beast is so brown it could have been a wooden sculpture
maybe enchanted survivor of many dynasties or eras built for
conquering and escape missions in a time un gentle
wild captive - can't run from times un gentle
you also have also seemed to me lost for sync, time awkward or rarer
something beyond my generations understanding

this morning a pair of riding boots by the door and worn gloves to
now in the evening just sinking light and flakes of things
once muddy, now dirt, once muddy now dirt
bring it back

you can almost hold the coming twilight in your palm
this is when i put my eyes on
the combination of angle and distance makes the chanting horizon
obvious in a way specific only to us

good bye